How The App Works

Sly Fox Shopper will show you where to find the biggest and best local bargains around. Here’s how to get started.

Get the most from your money. Get Sly Fox Shopper now and enjoy the great retail bargains that are waiting for you – on your doorstep.

Step 1


Select a shopping location

We’re adding to these all the time, so if you can’t see your local town or city right now, don’t worry, you soon will!

Step 2


Select a shopping category

Choose the category you’re looking for - clothes, cosmetics, footwear, sports gear, electrical goods, technology, games, beauty treatments, car accessories, fitness products, healthcare, stationery - you’ll find them all at Sly Fox Shopper and many more …

Step 3


View the list of local shops

Once a shopping category has been selected a list of all the shops in that category will be displayed showing their contact details and the distance of the shop from you. You can also search for your favourite shops by their name. You can also call the store direct from your phone and see their location and yours on an interactive map.

Step 4


Find the bargains you want

Select the Promotions tab and all the offers and promotions in the selected category will be displayed showing which shops they are available in.

Step 5


View a shop or promotion details

Select one of the shops or a promotion to see all the details for that store or promotion.

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