Sly Fox Shopper ... your FREE personal guide to the best retail bargains.

If you love shopping, you’ll love Sly Fox Shopper. That’s because it’s your personal shopping app for finding the biggest discounts and deals in your town or city. And it’s absolutely FREE.

All you have to do is tell Sly Fox Shopper where you are. Choose the category you want - clothes, food and drink, fitness, for example - and you’ll have the best deals from local shops, stores, restaurants sent to your phone in seconds … complete with contact information, website details and even directions for getting there.

Sly Fox Shopper is the perfect app for:

    Finding time limited deals and flash sales. Sly Fox Shopper will put you in the right place at the right time so you don’t miss out on bargains.

    Making the most of your shopping time. With the Sly Fox Shopper app you can plan and change your shopping trip as it happens, as well as before you leave home.

    Shopping in a new place? No problem. Just type in your location and Sly Fox Shopper will point in you in the direction of the ‘secret bargains’ that only locals would normally know about.


Are you a retailer? Then get Sly Fox Shopper working for you straightaway.

It’s easy to set up. Find out more about how Sly Fox Shopper can really get your promotions noticed.

Reach More Customers

Attract customers into your store by listing your business in Sly Fox Shopper allowing potential customers to easily find you while out shopping in your area.

Real-time Deals

Make your customers aware of all your offers and promotions by displaying them directly on shopper's mobile phones while they are out shopping in your town.

Location-Based Services

Guide customers directly to your store by displaying your exact location on interactive maps along with the shopper's location and showing the exact distance to your store.

Retailers :

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